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Client Gift Expenses and their Tax Deductibility
A useful table to help determine the deductibility of various client gifts.

Seasonal Questions and Answers
Tax treatment of Christmas expenses for businesses. 

Information on doing a stocktake, including a helpful checklist and sample Stock List.

Vehicle Log Book
Details of what to record for a vehicle log book, including an example.


Annual Leave Planner
Calendar for logging when team members will be taking annual leave.

Reimbursing Allowances Paid to Employees
Details on employee reimbursements, including work-related travel and other allowances.

Subcontractor Payments - Withholding Tax & GST
Information on calculating and returning withholding tax, exemptions from deducting withholding tax and implications of not deducting withholding tax.


Rental Deductibility Table
A handy guide to the deductibility and tax treatment of income and expenses for Rental Properties.

Tax Rules for Holiday Homes
Inland Revenue Factsheet explaining the tax rules applying to a "mixed-use" holiday home. Your property may be a mixed-use holiday home if you rent it to the public for short-term stays.

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