KiwiSaver Deduction Form (KS2)
This form is for an employee to use to give their details to an employer.

KiwiSaver Employee Details (KS1)
This form is for employers to enrol eligible employees in KiwiSaver.

New Employee Opt-Out Request (KS10)
This form is for new employees who are subject to automatic enrolment and want to opt out of KiwiSaver. 

Tax Code Declaration (IR330)
Form for employees to complete when starting their job or changing their tax code.


Employer's Guide (IR335) This guide explains the tax responsibilities of anyone who employs staff.

GST Guide (IR375)
A guide for all businesses and organisations that charge GST. 

KiwiSaver Employer Guide (KS4)
Explains your role and obligations when implementing KiwiSaver in your workplace.

KiwiSaver For Employers (KS9)
This flow diagram provides an overview for employers dealing with KiwiSaver for their employees.

KiwiSaver For New Employees (KS8)
This flow diagram provides an overview of the KiwiSaver process for new employees - how they can opt out, what will happen if they remain KiwiSaver members, and where to go for further information.

PIR (Prescribed Investor Rate)
Information to help you make sure you're using the correct prescribed investor rate (PIR).

Rental Income Guide (IR264)
This guide explains the tax rules for people who own one or two rental properties, or who have boarders or flatmates.

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