CU Accelerate - December 2017

  • Season's Greetings!
  • Don't leave it late - get tax sorted before Christmas
  • Presents and Parties
  • Business Health Check
  • Key Tax Dates



CU Accelerate - November 2017

  • Becoming an employer of choice
  • How do you draw talent to your door?
  • IRD has good news and bad news on FBT
  • Nations work together to report some account activity
  • Better control coming over hazardous substances
  • Business health check
  • Key dates

CU Accelerate - October 2017

  • Business culture tied to Business Performance continued...
  • NZ a digital standout, but is your business?
  • GST made easy
  • NZ trust law to be overhauled
  • Govt ponders taxation error correction solutions
  • Business health check
  • Key dates

CU Accelerate - September 2017

  • Must I pay tax on holiday home income?
  • Boats and aircraft may generate a tax liability
  • Airbnb usually a tax case on its own
  • Tenants must be informed of insulation status
  • Creditors to get more protection from indebted businesses
  • Business health check
  • Key dates

CU Accelerate - August 2017

  • Fairer tax rules affect cashflow
  • IRD AIMs to please - next year
  • Several ways taxpayers can get caught out
  • Contractors get more tax choice
  • R&D tax credit changes can boost cashflow
  • Business health check
  • Key dates

CU Accelerate - July 2017

  • Online tools make debt management easier
  • Slow payers cost you real money
  • Give your business a medical
  • The right way to collect debt
  • Ideas wanted about employee share schemes for start-ups
  • You can now use PAYE for employee share schemes 
  • Do you run a business from home? Then this affects you

CU Accelerate - Budget Alert 2017

  • A family show
  • Business time
  • Public services and social investment
  • Quake recovery



CU Accelerate - June 2017

  • The Accounting Income Method
  • Save costs with cloud software
  • Coming up: The 2017 Budget
  • Provisional Tax and you: This year
  • Business Health check
  • Use apps to fire up your business
  • Key Dates

CU Accelerate - Livestock Special Alerts

  • Dairy cattle
  • Beef cattle
  • Sheep
  • Deer
  • General

CU Business Forward Issue 81

  • Winning email campaigns
  • Creative office space
  • Simple Health Tips
  • Grab their attention! Tips for crafting email subject lines
  • FYI… Coworking
  • Great team: great business
  • Safeguard your Wi-Fi

CU Business Forward Issue 80

  • The move to online retail
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Hosted or self-hosted sites: the ups and downs
  • View from the dashboard: the whole picture?
  • 12 questions to ask before you select an e-commerce provider
  • Slam the door on scammers
  • Putting some structure into your business


CU TaxNews Autumn 2017

  • Selling across the ditch - GST on low value goods
  • Transforming GST
  • Upcoming changes - Provisional tax, Use of money interest
  • Miles to go - changes proposed for motor vehicles
  • Home office
  • Get ready, get set - End of year tax checklist



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